Which Is the Hardest Science to Study? Comparing Biology, Physics and Chemistry

As a teacher, sometimes it is humorous listening to the debates that students have. They have silly arguments, and sometimes others are just downright laughable ones. When it comes to student debates, there is no limit to silly arguments.

One of the debates that students engage in is in the area of which is the hardest science. The contention is usually between Biology, Physics, and chemistry. How can we resolve this debate? Here are a few views on the debate.

What makes biology a challenging subject to study?

When you try to understand the difficulty of any discipline in a relative manner, the first step to do is break it into parts. So, when we talk about biology, what makes it to be the hardest?

When you look at biologists, they deal with living things. They can be called body mechanics when it comes to living things. Biology is not as straightforward as other disciplines like engineering. It can be because of issues like the fact that there are so many parts included, and it can be very complex. Living beings are generally complex.

When studying biology, you will have to cover different courses. It includes but is not limited to evolution, cell structure, biodiversity, infection, and others. These courses entail intense lectures and also theory. It also has practical applications through sessions at the laboratory. 

Many students fail because of practical applications. Although students can do well on tests, if they cannot express that knowledge through practical demonstration, they will fail.

What makes chemistry a challenging subject to study?

If we compare chemistry to biology, it is parallel to it, in biology, where biologists are trying to uncover secrets about living things. In chemistry, chemists put their focus on uncovering secrets of the complex universe of energy and matter. 

A lot of ground is covered in this field. And to tackle this, chemistry is broken down into three disciplines: Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. 

It makes it very difficult for students to master chemistry truly so they usually ask for help at Myhomeworkdone.com. As a chemistry student, you need to learn concepts as electrochemistry, the periodic table, organic compounds, etc. On top of learning these disparate concepts, you need to have an excellent handle on Math as a chemistry student. If you struggle with math, you will have a hard time navigating through the subject of chemistry.

What makes physics a challenging subject to study?

Physics the last science in our debate. It involves the study of the relationship between matter, time, space, motion, and others. It is correct to state that physics Is the study of our universe. 

Because of this, it has a reputation for being a challenging subject to study. But this reputation is valid. When studying physics, you have to learn some challenging concepts like quantum physics, gravitational fields, and electronics. These concepts may look very different from each other, but you need to learn and master them as a physics student.


Looking at this debate, it is not easy to study. Looking at the three subjects, they are different from each other. With this, it may not be easy to compare them against each other. In the same way, these different subjects are not alike, so are the students. Every student has some innate strengths as well as some weaknesses. 

When it comes to choosing a subject, a student needs to identify their strengths and weaknesses to reach their maximum potential.

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